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Medicaid MassHealth Applications

Elder Law Attorneys Helping Clients with Medicaid MassHealth Applications

As a firm devoted to serving elders, persons with special needs, and their families, Hope Elder Law has helped many clients obtain Medicaid (called MassHealth in Massachusetts) benefits by assisting with applications, and providing representation if needed for administrative appeal hearings. We have particular expertise securing Medicaid / MassHealth benefits for long-term care at home, in an assisted living center, or in a nursing home.

Medicaid Benefits Can Protect Assets from the High Costs of Long-Term Care

Medicaid is a joint state and federal government health insurance program that pays for certain health services and nursing home care for elders with low incomes and limited assets. In Massachusetts, Medicaid is administered through MassHealth. In order to qualify for Medicaid/MassHealth benefits, applicants must meet eligibility requirements, including age or disability, medical need, and financial need. Some health services that may be covered by Medicaid include:

  • In-home care through home health agencies and personal care
  • Care in a nursing home
  • Hospital inpatient and outpatient services
  • Laboratory and X-ray services
  • Medicine, supplies, and medical equipment, including wheelchairs and other mobility aids
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Care and treatment in a facility for the developmentally disabled

Many of our clients are concerned about preserving assets for future generations in the event they need long-term care at home or in a facility. At Hope Elder Law, we can assist you and your family in the entire spectrum of elder care and estate planning issues, from protecting assets to exploring benefits options to finding proper care.

MassHealth Frail Elder Benefits May Allow You to Stay in Your Home

Since 2006, if you medically need nursing home care but would prefer to stay in your own home, you may qualify for in-home long-term care through MassHealth under the Home and Community Based Services Waiver, sometimes referred to as Frail Elder Waiver services, or just Waiver services for short. Fortunately, assets can be transferred out of the applicant’s name even at the last minute without causing any delay in eligibility for MassHealth home care benefits. For married couples, even those who have substantial assets, Medicaid / MassHealth may pay for skilled nursing care in your home for the sick spouse (depending only on income of sick spouse) if all assets are transferred into name of well spouse. Single older persons also may transfer assets to become eligible for this home care benefit. This benefit can be a great help to family members caring for a sick parent or grandparent at home.

Talk to an Experienced Elder Law Attorney about Your Medicaid / MassHealth Application

Before you send off your Medicaid / MassHealth application, please contact Hope Elder Law to set up a consultation to make sure you do not miss out on any opportunities for last minute asset protection strategies. Medicaid / MassHealth applications can be difficult for even the most diligent person to complete thoroughly and accurately, especially if it is your first time handling the application process. Let us assist you in document preparation, and help ensure that you and your family properly apply for, and ultimately receive, the maximum amount of benefits available to you. Our Medicaid / MassHealth applications are often approved sooner than others because of the way we organize and present the supporting materials.

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